About us
Globbing is an international corporation that unites 11 countries. The company currently operates in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and carries out deliveries from 8 countries. It is constantly on the path to global expansion. The world-famous ABC News and NBC News recognized the brand as a mega-successful startup, the company aims to create a whole new shopping experience for people around the globe. For example, after Globbing online shopping rate increase 10 times.
Summerizing 2023
Our team
Meet the Globbers, a group of visionary dreamers who have come together to break all boundaries in the way of shopping around the world. And while most of us are giraffe lovers, some of us love panda candies, believe in unicorns, and love challenges (actually, love solving them). And if someone tells us we can't do something, we do it twice, even if the mission is to deliver food for the snails.
We are here to make you feel what real freedom of shopping is! Join Globbing!
Where we work
How we have fun and Educate
And here is the giraffe: George Globbing & our brand
George has a PhD in Shopping Therapy and works at Globbing as a Shopping Director. Thanks to his long neck, George not only strives for the best, but also shares his abilities, helping our clients to see and achieve what they want, even if it is beyond all limits. George knows everything about online shops, promotions, discounts and ways to purchase goods from international online stores.
Service centers and innovative lockers
The largest network: more than 20 delivery stations & 150 innovative lockers.
Globbing is the leader in the market with 8,159,031 delivered parcels and
1,006,946 users, 70% of which in Armenia.
Globbing owns more than 20 cars and vehicles.
Shop the world with Globbing! We deliver from 8 countries and provide 12 shipping methods: USA, England, China, Germany, Italy, Dubai, Russia and Greece.
More than 93,000,000 exclusive online and offline reach per year.

- Globbing cooperates with the top 100 influencers with over 50K followers, and celebrities on exclusive terms.
- Globbing is the first in the field with more than 201,000 followers.
- Offline advertising can be provided on Globbing lockers' LEDs seen by potential customers more than 186,000 times.

Our Contacts
11 Southgate Blvd, New Castle DE
+1 302 4148567

75 Gogol str,
+7 727 344 14 64
Hr.Kochar 44/53,
+374 60 616 616
62 Amir Temur Avenue
+998 78 777 7887